Oro Rosa 15pc Make-up Brush Set


Our Make-up brush set is the PERFECT set for both MUA’s who need a brush for everything and those who are buying their first set. Have you ever bought a set of brushes before and not known how to use them or what they are for? Well our brushes are all labelled to allow you to know EXACTLY what they are to be used for.

We were so sick of buying a set of brushes that would give you brushes you don’t need but with a big price tag so we wanted to create a set that would have a brush for everything with no waste at an affordable price!!

We hope you LOVE them as much as we do.

Lots of love,

Natalie x

Oro Rosa Make-up & Beauty.

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Oro Rosa 15pc Face and Eye Make-up Brush set. Bag included.

This set includes the following 5 Face Brushes and 10 Eye Brushes:

OR101- Foundation Brush

OR102- Powder Brush

OR103- Bronzer Brush

OR104- Blusher Brush

OR105- Highlighter Brush

OR106- Brow Detailer

OR107- Brow Concealer

OR108- Smudger Brush

OR109- Shader Brush

OR110- Definer Brush

OR111- Petite Detailer

OR112- Crease Definer

OR113- Creaser Blender

OR114- Crease Definer #2

OR115-Petite Crease Brush

Pink zip make-up bag.

The set is made us of soft synthetic hairs and goat hair to create the perfect blending brushes.


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